5 Ways to Explore Tainan City
By Angela Tsai | Published 2016/08/09

It only takes 3 hours from Taipei to Tainan by train. Trains run fast, but remember to slow down your steps when you arrive in Tainan. Here I propose 5 ways to enjoy the oldest city in Taiwan. Let’s leave the hustle and bustle of Taipei City behind and follow Tainanese slow pace. 1. Discover […]

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Tiger Mountain Ramble: Music and Fun
By Monica Mizzi | Published 2016/01/13

Stepping inside the humble confines of the festival grounds- an area enveloped by the picaresque backdrop of Tiger Mountain’s forest of bright greens, I was suddenly conscious of my wide eyed stare at the sight in front of me. A sizable flock of patrons had already gathered on a scattering of small, red plastic stools, […]

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Earthfest: A Natural Music Experience
By Caroline | Published 2015/11/19

Though I love living in Taiwan, occasionally I get a hankering for my life back home. All summer I was plagued by “Festival Nostalgia”. My newsfeeds and snapchats were flooded with pictures of my best friends enjoying some of the top music festivals in the USA. I jealously browsed their photos and wished I could […]

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Taipei Reaches Critical Mass (Cycling)
By Joe Fang | Published 2015/09/23

Often times, life in the city causes people to naturally conform to the civilization they live in, the popular values in society becoming the system by which all others lead their lives. In order to take a step out of this restraint and regain a sense of freedom every now and then, I rely on […]

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Born to Glide | Skateboarding in Taipei
By Joe Fang | Published 2015/09/17

From surfing to snowboarding to skydiving, the rush achieved from gliding at high speed in some form or another, is something many people are born craving. To many, skating possesses the same attraction, the feeling of flying just above ground, causing a surge of adrenaline as you glide over the pavement. The skater weaves like […]

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How Three Runners Turned Passion into Profession
By Tomasz Hasinski | Published 2015/09/10

Here is a story of 3 dudes who decided to follow their passion and start a business in Taiwan.

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Wild Workouts: Lower Body Calisthenics
By Jennifer Salinas | Published 2015/05/28

Body Weight Squat [layerslider id=”15″]   In order to maintain balance, I stretch my arms forward, if it’s more comfortable you can place them behind your head. *Pay attention to your knees, they shouldn’t pass your toes.*For the extra glute work, squeeze them together at the top of the movement. Main Muscle Worked: Quadriceps , […]

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Wild Workouts: Core Calisthenics
By Jennifer Salinas | Published 2015/05/27

  Decline Leg Raise with Hip Thrust [layerslider id=”10″]   * Avoid this exercise if you are experiencing any back pain.Main Muscle Worked: Abs Decline Plank Tuck [layerslider id=”11″]   *Done with speed, this exercise can be a cardio training element.*Keep your back in a neutral position at all times: no slacking! Main Muscle Worked: […]

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Everyday Exercise: Getting Fit in Taiwan’s Parks
By Jennifer Salinas | Published 2015/05/26

by Craig Ferguson “I don’t have time. I don’t have a gym. It’s too far. I have no equipment and this is not fun!” I’ve been a personal trainer in the fitness world for many years now and I hear excuses like this quite often. It is no secret that to obtain an awesome body requires […]

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Wild Workouts: Upper Body Calisthenics
By Jennifer Salinas | Published 2015/05/26

Bench Dips Start by gripping onto the edge of the bench. [layerslider id=”4″]   *Keep your elbows pointing back and back upright. Main Muscle Worked: Triceps Chest, and Shoulders Inverted Row [layerslider id=”6″]   Main Muscle Worked: Middle Back and Lats Muscle Ups (modified) [layerslider id=”7″]   Main Muscle Worked: Lats Other Muscles: Abdominals, Biceps, […]

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7 Star Peak: Running Over Mountains
By Gladys Chen | Published 2015/05/08

King F. Yesterday, I attended a cross country run for the first time in my life, ever. What is a cross country run? Simply, it involves running over the height of Taiwan’s steep mountains. Cities all over Taiwan normally host road running events, especially smaller cities who hope to attract more tourists and become more […]

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A Secret Spot amidst a Tourist Trap: Yuemeikang Waterfall
By Chris | Published 2015/03/28

Jiaoxi City is a recently popular tourist spot, known for it’s “hot spring” hotels and dried fruits. Granted, there are some really cool thinks to check out in Jiaoxi, such as the bicycle paths near the coast, and the free public hot spring parks throughout the city. But maybe the most famous natural site is […]

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