Fairy Cafe
By Chris | Published 2015/02/02

It’s not often that I find myself crawling through the back alleys in Xindian, but I was on a mission to finally find the cafe that so many people have told me about: Fairy Cafe. Imagine my surprise when after turning into the very industrial-looking neighborhood, I was actually greeted with a few very nice […]

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Green Hornet Cafe
By TT | Published 2011/11/22

Whether you live in Xin Dian full-time or you are just visiting, you might be surprised to find that there isn’t any sort of nightlife outside of the Bi Tan Riverside Park or the MRT stop. Although Xin Dian is a smaller area, it should still offer people a chance to get boozed up right? […]

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BiTan (Xin Dian)
By TT | Published 2011/08/20

If you like the water and you don’t have time to make it to the beach, then we’ve got the next best thing. BiTan in Xin Dian is one of Taipei’s nicest areas to visit. It comes complete with nice scenery, outside dining/drinking, markets, entertainment, and even paddle-boats. Better yet, it’s easily accessible by MRT […]

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