BoxFit brings CrossFit to Taiwan
By mike trends | Published 2014/05/26

If Internet surfing and taking selfies is part of your workout routine, then skip this article. If not, then strap on your headbands and grab a towel, because we’re going change the way you perceive fitness and we’re going to sweat… a lot. Get ready to rediscover fitness with CrossFit at BoxFit Taipei.

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Fika Fika Cafe
By TTdude | Published 2013/05/01

In Sweden, the people love their coffee so much that they actually have a special word for coffee breaks. “Fika” is a word that is somewhat ambiguous, but generally means to have a break with coffee and sweets such as cookies or cake. At Fika Fika Cafe, they love the idea so much, that they […]

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