GDS Play
By Chris | Published 2015/06/04

There are a lot of places for active life in Taiwan, from the many free basketball and tennis courts spread throughout the parks, to the badminton and squash courts that can be rented cheaply at many of the public gyms. However, it seems that these places are used less and less by our generation, and […]

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The Sanctuary: Animal Rescue, Rehoming, and Shelter – They need your help!
By Adam Hatch | Published 2014/10/12

As amazing of a city as Taipei is, one less than happy circumstance is the treatment of pets. You’ve heard stories and seen the evidence – a puppy-mill shut down by police, feral dogs roaming hiking trails and river parks, maybe something on the news occasionally about animal cruelty.

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Gone Fishin’ for Shrimp!
By Chris | Published 2013/09/17

Everyday, we eat cuisine that has been nicely prepared, cleaned and cooked for us. But have you ever caught and made your own? Those who go fishing or have worked on a farm know all too well what goes into making that tasty fish fillet or hamburger that we eat on a regular basis, but […]

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The Peak
By mike trends | Published 2013/07/22

Taipei is full of amazing dining options and everybody knows it. With such a large international population in the country’s capital, you cannot deny that this fast paced city has almost everything you can hope for when it comes to food. However, when the speed of the city gets to you and you feel like […]

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topo+ cafe
By RV | Published 2013/03/28

Looking for that perfect brunch spot away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD?  Topo+ café  in Tianmu is an excellent blend of innovate design and great quality, great for taking a break from it all.

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