High-Flying Humans: Peace Street Yoga
By Alexandra Hartline | Published 2015/02/13

Don’t watch that video. Now imagine yourself standing up straight with a complete stranger lying on their back before you with their feet on your hipbones. You tip forward, grasp hands, and suddenly you’re lifted into the air. Your legs are straight and engaged; your back is arched. Your partner has you steadily balanced on […]

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By Lewis Clark | Published 2014/02/11

What formally used to be Toast, is now known as Yiamas. This fantabulous Greek eatery, under new management, is located the Da’an district. In order to adhere to Greek cuisine, most of the food items from the Toast menu will be removed. However, its top sellers will remain on Yiamas’ menu because, well, that just […]

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The Scent of a Cigar
By Chris | Published 2013/12/25

Suits, scotch, leather, cigars and maybe even a little golf: Not much else would better bring an image of manliness to mind. And as men, we need a place of our own to gather and relax after a long day of work; one that doesn’t involve yoga mats, bath salts or soft music, but rather, […]

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By mike trends | Published 2013/07/30

In present day Taipei, you can almost turn your head in any direction and spot a Western Style diner of some sort. Because of this competitive market, it’s hard to distinguish what sets these restaurants apart. What makes a diner authentic? What does one restaurant have that another doesn’t? Most of the time, sadly, there […]

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Tajin Moroccan Restaurant
By TT | Published 2013/04/11

One of the rarer styles of food available in Taipei, Moroccan cuisine is unique for its blending of many different spices and international tastes due to its role as a major trading port over the centuries. While there have been a few attempts at creating a nice Moroccan restaurant here over the years, Tajin takes […]

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Dressed [Closed :( ]
By Sam H | Published 2013/03/22

Rising to extreme popularity throughout Hong Kong, Dressed is more than just your everyday salad bar. Using a sleek, modern design and the freshest, healthiest ingredients available, the quickly growing chain is a dream come true for the health and fashion conscious. But Dressed offers much more than salad. With a mix of some great […]

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Boite de Bijou (AnHe)
By TT | Published 2013/02/21

The cool, comfortable air of an enclosed patio, the warm, rich scent of freshly made bread and freshly brewed coffee: this and more await you at Boite de Bijou, where everything is made fresh, right on the spot. This French Patisserie creates some of the finest baked goods in Taiwan. Traditional French bread, cookies, cakes, […]

The Diner
By TT | Published 2012/07/27

The Diner is one of the most popular Western dining spots in Taipei. With a huge menu spanning breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, The Diner has consistently made some of the most varied and best quality food in the city, and has gone from one shop into an ever-expanding dining empire.

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Luna D’Italia
By TTdude | Published 2012/02/23

One of the classier Italian restaurants in Taipei, Luna D’Italia sits in a cozy little alley just off of Dun Hua South. A lot of work has gone into making this restaurant look good and making the food suitable for a pickier palate. Both the food and the service at this small piece of Italy […]

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By TT | Published 2011/09/16

Part restaurant, part bar, and completely Western, Carnegies is one of those places you can go anytime of the day or night. Hanging out in SE Taipei by The Diner, Carnegies has a prime location and the bar itself is large. It’s also one of the main places to go out for many foreigners and […]

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Pho (Savoy-DunNan)
By TT | Published 2011/07/12

With a name as simple as “Pho” you might think this place is just another cheap knockoff of Vietnamese food, but we can assure you, it is hands down one of the best Vietnamese restaurants we have ever been to. In fact, in our opinion, it is one of the best restaurants in Taipei. And […]

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Swing Café [Closed :( ]
By TT | Published 2011/07/06

With the many options for Italian food in Taipei, it’s hard to choose just one place to eat. But if you’re looking for a new Italian place or a new place to grab a cup of joe, Swing Café might just be for you. Not too far off of DunHua and Heping E. this stylish […]

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