The Aroma
By Chris | Published 2013/06/25

What’s that divine smell coming from Ximending? The scent of freshly baked bread and muffins made from scratch, the tantalizing aroma of masterfully roasted beans brewing to make some of Taipei’s best coffee. The Aroma Cafe is unique in both its culture and its offerings. Born out of a community that is friendly, outgoing and […]

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The Feel of a Fixed Gear
By Joe Fang | Published 2013/02/22

Textures and shapes are important. They allow us to appreciate the fine details of something, whatever it may be. When observing a fire, the flow and shape of the flames possess a hypnotizing charm to them, often drawing our gaze and keeping it fixed on their movement. Embracing this idea of texture and flow of […]

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Taipei Cinema Park
By TT | Published 2012/03/13

The Taipei Cinema Park (located in back of Ximending) is more than just community theater. In fact, it is one of the coolest open-air rec areas in Taipei. In addition to its free outdoor film series events, the pavilion also acts as a weekend market for indie clothes designers, a space for dance and music […]

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By TT | Published 2011/10/26

Modern, stylish and young: that is probably the best way to describe this sprawling giant of a night market. Known for having the newest fashion trends and a lot of young people, XiMenDing is one of the most popular and active night markets in Taipei. Not only is there an endless range of shops at […]

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Mei Guan Yuan (美觀園)
By TT | Published 2011/10/18

Apparently established just after the end of the Japanese occupation, Mei Guan Yuan has been running since 1946, providing a semi-traditional mix of Japanese and Taiwanese flavors. Located in the historically rich area of XiMen Ding, it’s no surprise Mei Guan Yuan has thrived for so long, especially considering its Japanese heritage.

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The Red House (XiMenHongLou)
By TT | Published 2011/10/12

XiMen’s Red House is a famous site for a number of reasons, from its classical architecture to its history, to its support and fostering of creative culture. It is one of the most popular landmarks in Taipei and offers a lot to do and see. In addition to providing entertainment and housing one of the […]

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Riverside Live House (Xi Men)
By TT | Published 2011/09/14

Among the many places to see live music in Taipei, Riverside stands out as one of the best. Not only has the company been organizing good music for a long time, Riverside has also managed to open three venues, create a number of music groups, and start its own record label. For both popular and […]

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