Tiger Surf Shop
By Chris | Published 2014/05/13

Gnarely dude. No matter where you go, surf culture all over the world is the most laid back, accepting and fun-loving you will find. Filled with lots of active surfers that just want to enjoy life and hang with friends, the scene in Taiwan has been slow to gain popularity outside of small local groups, […]

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Rebirth in the Underground: ‘Moonlit Ruins’ Photo Recap
By Sam H | Published 2012/10/06

For the Love of the Music Interesting things happen when the Godfather of Taipei’s dance scene and it’s Grandaddy of party-production reunite. Degenerate factory grounds come alive. Strangers gather in the darkness, following the bass that permeates the walls. Lasers illuminate surreal paintings and structures left by advant-garde artists. A wave of people bob in […]

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