Little London: Revisited
By Lewis Clark | Published 2015/07/28

When I want a good beer and some face-time with friends… Little London serves up the perfect experience! Coming to Taipei three years ago, I thought I was sacrificing my beloved beer and hangouts with just the right atmosphere to chill with friends, good conversation included! It wasn’t until 6 months into my stay in […]

Campus Cafe
By Chris | Published 2015/05/14

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get here. I first heard about Campus Cafe a while ago and it immediately peaked my interest: A North American college cafeteria style restaurant with a huge variety of delicious and inexpensive food to choose from. What’s not to love?

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By TTdude | Published 2015/05/02

Luxy (the first club in Taipei) had its run for 12 long years, and they were good years, but now it’s time to make way for a new generation of nightlife: Enter club Omni.

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Writing on the Wall: Shao Shao Ke 勺勺客
By Chris | Published 2015/03/30

You see that interesting looking building? That magical, old-school style restaurant is A-Cai’s 阿才的店, and it’s somewhere I’ve been really interested in trying for a long time. It’s also where I thought we were going to eat on this day…but it wasn’t. The restaurant my friends had booked was a nondescript little restaurant that was […]

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High-Flying Humans: Peace Street Yoga
By Alexandra Hartline | Published 2015/02/13

Don’t watch that video. Now imagine yourself standing up straight with a complete stranger lying on their back before you with their feet on your hipbones. You tip forward, grasp hands, and suddenly you’re lifted into the air. Your legs are straight and engaged; your back is arched. Your partner has you steadily balanced on […]

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Argot: Fixie for Femme
By Chris | Published 2015/01/09

Fixed gear bikes are taking the world by storm, especially here in Taipei where bicycle culture is strong in a city that values aesthetics. There are tons of shops popping up all around the city, from customizable shops like Nabiis to off the rack styles in designer shops. But for those in the fixie scene […]

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O3 Fitness = Physical Awesomeness
By Lewis Clark | Published 2014/08/20

I had the privilege of meeting Ethan “The Gentleman” Garcia a couple months ago at the PROFC 8 weigh-ins here in Taipei. He’s currently the manager and Muay Thai trainer for many rising Taiwanese pro MMA fighters. And to boot, Ethan is opening up a new, dynamic gym in Taipei: O3 Fitness. Being a fitness […]

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La Crêperie
By Chris | Published 2014/07/30

From Shanghai to Saigon, you may find world-class French cuisine and the most luxurious dining spots imaginable, but when you think of creative and authentic crêpes, you only need look to La Crêperie. New to make its way to Taipei, the quickly successful chain has already found roots in six other big cities throughout Asia. […]

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Sublime Urban Bistro & Bar (& FBI HQ)
By Chris | Published 2014/07/09

As far as lounges go, there are quite a few in Taipei, all with their own little close knit communities and design quirks. But there is one place in the east area (東區) that is unlike anything else in the city. Not only does it have a cozy bar, chill atmosphere and a range of […]

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Dining Comes Alive at VIVO
By Chris | Published 2014/03/06

When I first heard Vivo was a Spanish Tapas place, I was imagining another quaint, fairly authentic, restaurant. One that serves to a group of few, but loyal customers. Really though, I mostly couldn’t get that strange, slightly unsettling, mask logo out of my mind. But as I have come to find, Vivo is not […]

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By Lewis Clark | Published 2014/02/11

What formally used to be Toast, is now known as Yiamas. This fantabulous Greek eatery, under new management, is located the Da’an district. In order to adhere to Greek cuisine, most of the food items from the Toast menu will be removed. However, its top sellers will remain on Yiamas’ menu because, well, that just […]

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Better Than Cheddar: Beer and Cheese
By Chris | Published 2014/01/14

Two of the oldest, most important substances ever created by man have traveled thousands of years and finally come together under one roof here in Taipei. Dating back nearly 10,000 years, the golden ambrosia duo known as known beer and cheese have always been, and will continue to be two of the most refined and […]

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