5 Ways to Explore Tainan City
By Angela Tsai | Published 2016/08/09

It only takes 3 hours from Taipei to Tainan by train. Trains run fast, but remember to slow down your steps when you arrive in Tainan. Here I propose 5 ways to enjoy the oldest city in Taiwan. Let’s leave the hustle and bustle of Taipei City behind and follow Tainanese slow pace. 1. Discover […]

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Stay Nice Home — Tainan
By Lewis Clark | Published 2016/03/01

A friend of mine posted about the gentrification of Taipei, in that people refurbish old buildings by turning them into cafes. And when I discussed this idea with Chris, he said that he liked how the southern part of Taiwan gentrified old buildings and areas in that the owners of the buildings maintained them, rather […]

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Lighthouse Inn
By Sylvie Tran | Published 2015/05/04

Lighthouse Hostel (微光。宅) is the perfect example that great treasures are often hidden in unknown alleys of a city. Located near the Yanshui river and not far from Zhonghua North Road,a huge avenue with a lot of local shops and restaurants the Lighthouse hostel sits between restful beauty and the bustle on Tainan.

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Monsters on Mountains: A Trip to Xitou
By Alexandra Hartline | Published 2015/03/19

On a cold January day this year I was prepared to sleep in a Taiwanese police station. No, not just prepared. I wanted to. Taiwan is so marvelous that you can sleep in police stations (and schools, too) if you’ve got nowhere else to stay. The thought of camping out in a police station was […]

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Design Inn
By Chris | Published 2015/03/02

    Tainan has so many great places to stay, and often times I feel like the sense of design in the old city is actually more stylized than in Taipei. There’s a lot of new work being done on old buildings, mixing together the classic Taiwan industrial look with a very modern design. One such […]

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Fireworks and Beehives: An Explosive Festival
By Chris | Published 2014/02/06

Chinese New Year has come and gone, but if you haven’t had enough of the fireworks, there’s another festival waiting for you that is much different from anything you have experienced before. It isn’t the fireworks that are especially unique, rather it’s the way that they rain down, exploding all around (and on) you as […]

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