Taitung Z Hotel
By Lewis Clark | Published 2016/03/01

The Z Hotel, located in the heart of Taitung City, on the surface is a pretty typical business hotel. The design is modern and I thought it looked very nice, with a great atmosphere and style. There is a lobby, the rooms, and a dining area on the top floor….you know: the basics. But it […]

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The Green Island Experience
By Lewis Clark | Published 2015/01/05

Located off the Southern coast of Taiwan, Green Island (綠島) is a tranquil must-visit spot in Taiwan. The island has one 7/11, one Family Mart and one ATM machine. Some of you city folk might be freaking out about now, but it’s totally reasonable seeing how there are only roughly 2,000 residents on the island.

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Taroko: Asia’s Seventh Natural Wonder
By Bridget Di Certo | Published 2013/10/04

The suspension bridge swings dramatically to the left across a wide, shallow river. To the right, a vivid and ornately decorated red gate marks the entrance to Taroko Gorge National Park – one of the seven natural wonders of Asia. As soon as you round the first bend into Swallow’s Grotto you know why. Covering […]

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