Ease Hotel – Taichung Travel
By Lewis Clark | Published 2016/02/25

The era of technology is gaining a hold of our lives every day. While we still have yet to see hover boards or flying cars, we are already very capable of turning our living spaces into super convenient, awesomely modern, fully-automated abodes. So why haven’t we?? But this hotel…OMG this hotel is so cool.

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Soaring Over the Sun and Moon: Paragliding in Puli
By Chris | Published 2014/10/17

Gliding through the sky over a beautiful mountain range right in the heart of Taiwan, Puli is located close to Sun Moon Lake and it’s everything you would want from a paragliding experience: Fresh air, amazing views, and lots of flight time. It’s also one of the coolest ways to take in the island’s scenery, […]

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Lady Gaga Day
By TTdude | Published 2011/06/20

Calling all little monsters out there. Your favorite diva-supreme is headed to Taiwan for the first time. That’s right! Lady Gaga is coming to give a little face to face with her Taiwanese fans and you can bet the anticipation is high.

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