7 Better Date Ideas (Part 2!)
By Lewis Clark | Published 2016/04/14

I’ve been in Taiwan for over 3 years now and I’d like to think that I know my way around the city; places to go, restaurants to dine at, activities to do. But it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that one of my great friends, Roxanne, from Yelp Taipei, approached me about finding fresher […]

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Epic Battle Day : Paintball – Archery Tag – Bubble Ball
By Chris | Published 2016/01/05

We had been dying to try out bubble ball soccer for a long time, and it had been a while since we had put together an “extreme sport” event, so we thought…”Why not just do all three?” Turned out to be a great idea.

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Red-Headed Step Child: Fort San Domingo
By Adam Hatch | Published 2015/05/04


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Fight for Your Dreams: Shuraba MMA
By Chris | Published 2015/04/24

Eliot Corley II has been in Taiwan’s MMA scene for some time now. Coming to Taiwan a little over 8 years ago, he has not only picked up some serious fighting skills and a lot of love for Taiwan’s community, but Eliot has also worked with or met just about everybody in the MMA industry […]

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Fairy Cafe
By Chris | Published 2015/02/02

It’s not often that I find myself crawling through the back alleys in Xindian, but I was on a mission to finally find the cafe that so many people have told me about: Fairy Cafe. Imagine my surprise when after turning into the very industrial-looking neighborhood, I was actually greeted with a few very nice […]

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Taking a Break in Beipu
By Alexandra Hartline | Published 2015/01/20

  I like to smash things. Or more importantly, I like to smash my food. I found myself in Beipu (北埔), Xinzhu County last fall for exactly that reason. I didn’t smash salty potato chips or double-stuffed Oreos in Beipu. I smashed tea, or to be more exact, the ingredients for tea. Pumpkin seeds, black […]

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Dogs’ Best Friend
By Chris | Published 2014/03/26

Look at that face. Isn’t it just asking to be loved? Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend, offering up their protection, hunting abilities and love. They are almost always loyal to a fault, sticking around long past failed relationships, forgotten friends and sometimes even family. They have been helping us out for thousands […]

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Snorkeling at Dragon’s Hole (Long Dong | 龍洞)
By Lewis Clark | Published 2013/09/21

Earlier this summer, I was given the awesome opportunity to go snorkeling at Long Dong (龍洞) which is about 30 minutes east from Keelung by car. As a novice scuba diver, I dove at the new experience. We met up early Sunday morning so that when we arrived, the sun wouldn’t be so hot, the […]

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Red Bull American Char-Grilled Steak
By Chris | Published 2013/09/13

A big ol’ juicy slab of beef, no sauce, no frills. While there are numerous, delicious versions of pulled pork, hamburgers, hotdogs and chicken, char-grilled steak will always be the centerpiece of American BBQ. Big, meaty and simple, steak reflects American culture pretty well, and for better or worse, a proper steak is what I’m craving […]

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Catwalk for Cat Walks
By Bridget Di Certo | Published 2013/06/18

A plump, tortoiseshell cat lounges in a shaft of sunlight where she is patted, prodded and all round mollycoddled by tourist after tourist. Her indifference to adoration is one cultivated by excess attention. After all, she is the reason tens of thousands of tourists a year come to Houtong (猴硐), Taiwan.

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topo+ cafe
By RV | Published 2013/03/28

Looking for that perfect brunch spot away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD?  Topo+ café  in Tianmu is an excellent blend of innovate design and great quality, great for taking a break from it all.

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2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival: Photo Recap
By Vikram Rohella | Published 2013/03/14

The recently concluded 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Hsinchu was a huge crowd puller, visited by more than 12 million people. The event had been touted by Discovery Channel as one of the best festivals in the world, breaking new ground in terms of the duration and the sheer amount of visitors.

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