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101 SongRen Road, Xin Yi District, Taipei
02 8780 1110
12PM - 2AM
Drinks NT $250+ | Meals NT $700+

Jazzy, hip, elegant; it doesn’t get much classier than Brown Sugar if you are looking for a more refined night out. With reservation-only seating, a menu of exquisite cuisine, a wine list that could even impress connoisseurs, and a house band that plays regularly, Brown Sugar is one of the most highly-cultured nightlife venues you can find in Taipei.

The Environment

Brown Sugar is more than just a jazz bar. Everything the lounge does is done to the best quality possible and with the most amount of class that any venue in Taipei can muster. Brown Sugar has a lot of nice seating for larger parties. This includes full sized sofas and even a private section. There is also lots of seating for dates, smaller groups of friends or business events all of which have nice leather armchairs.

If you arrive earlier than 9PM, you might take a look around and think that you could get yourself a seat, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Around 9-10PM there is a huge influx of diners and it gets cramped quickly. Tables need to be reserved ahead of time, and it is almost always completely booked.

For those of you who are doing on the fly, there is a bar near the entrance. It sits right in front of the stage giving you a full view of the performance. Also, the seats don’t need to be reserved; however, you will still find yourself struggling to find a seat if you plan on arriving late.

As you could expect, the service at Brown Sugar is fairly top-notch. The staff may be slow to approach and quick to take an order, but the drinks come fast and the full course meals are very appropriately spaced in regards to time.

The Dining

Our first time looking at the menu was actually quite a shocking experience. We had heard the food was good, but we had no idea about what was offered. Brown Sugar has very nice dinner sets, mostly all of which come with a full course meal. The best dishes are all served from 6:00PM to 8:30PM, but there is a menu for late night as well.The menu doesn’t cover a very extensive range of meals because all of the dishes are specialties prepared with some of the finest ingredients. If we had to place the food, we would call it American style dining.

Here’s the chicken risotto in four stages:

Chef Salad

Clam Chowder (best we’ve had in Taipei)

Chicken Risotto

Blueberry Creme cake

The food tasted fantastic and the portions were well thought-out. As expected, the prices at Brown Sugar are higher due to the high quality and amount of food. For the Chicken Risotto we paid around NT $700 and that doesn’t include a drink. Some of the other meals were much pricier; however, it’s worth the price if you enjoy good food, and you even get to watch the band for no extra charge.

Last but not least, in addition to the bountiful amount of hard drinks from all around the world, there is also an amazing wine list. From fine wine to the finest wine, it’s an impressive collection to have in Taipei.

Wrap Up

Brown Sugar is not a regular destination for a night out. This lounge is amazing at what it does. It provides excellent food, service, atmosphere, and entertainment. However, with all of that quality also comes a high price tag. Furthermore, no matter how you look at it, Jazz bars are not always the liveliest places to go when you are looking for adventure during the weekends. We highly recommend this place for special events and dates, but if you are going out for a night out on the town, you may want to consider a normal club.

For more info check the navigation tabs up top or hop on over to the official Brown Sugar website.

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