BoxFit brings CrossFit to Taiwan

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Chang An E rd. Sec 1, No 75, B1 Taipei
0920 320 976
Mon - Fri 7:00 - 20:30 | Sat 10:00 - 13:00


If Internet surfing and taking selfies is part of your workout routine, then skip this article. If not, then strap on your headbands and grab a towel, because we’re going change the way you perceive fitness and we’re going to sweat… a lot. Get ready to rediscover fitness with CrossFit at BoxFit Taipei.


What the heck is CrossFit, anyway?

Founded in 2000, CrossFit has been gaining popularity exponentially and has got many people wondering what this fitness craze is all about.

Essentially, CrossFit is  constantly varying functional movements performed at high intensity.

What does that mean?  It means no skipping cardio, no gun shows and no muscle specialization. It’s a plethora of varying aerobic exercises, Olympic weight lifting and gymnastics movements, all of which are commonly used in daily activities, and are combined in a workout to improve one’s health. Because of this, those who do CrossFit are considered“Jack of all trades, master of none”, in which they are capable of performing most physical tasks presented to them.

A CrossFit gym, also known as a ‘box’, can be seen as  a community of people who share a common interest of fitness and push each other  to become better athletes. If you’re sick of waiting for a machine or you’re leaving the gym feeling unsatisfied, then step up your workout and step into BoxFit.


What’s the backstory?

The birth of Taiwan’s first CrossFit box began with three guys who have shared the same vision of bringing CrossFit to Taipei. Tony Fai, Travis Hong and Mike Vidas have been doing CrossFit for several years and had realized that there were no CrossFit facilities to properly train at.

A few months after meeting one another and realizing that they shared the same values regarding CrossFit, BoxFit opened its doors to Taipei  — a city of amazing, nice people who are already hooked on a lifestyle centered around fitness. BoxFit Taipei combines two affiliates, Xiong CrossFit and CrossFit Ba Ke Si under a single business entity operating out of single CrossFit box. BoxFit CrossFit Ba Ke Si aims to help the average person become a better athlete by providing a fun, challenging and motivating fitness environment, in which anyone can show up and train, regardless of their current athletic skill.

For more seasoned athletes, BoxFit Xiong CrossFit offers competitive CrossFit training. In fact, an athlete from BoxFit Xiong CrossFit will be representing Taiwan in this year’s Reebok CrossFit Asia Regionals held in Seol, Korea for a chance to compete at the Reebok CrossFit Games.



A Normal Day at BoxFit Taipei

Travis and Mike are certified trainers and coach athletes everyday for the duration of any given class. Class sizes are  capped off at 10 athletes, which ensures each athlete gets the attention that their workout deserves. Coaches program WoD’s (workout of the day) daily, in which no two WoD’s are the same within a given week, month or even year.  Each WoD begins with a thorough warm- up, which then proceeds to a strength or skill segment where athletes focus on building solid, fundamental movements that serve as the foundation for learning more advanced ones. This helps ensure that athletes use proper technique and perform movements safely, especially when these movements are done at higher intensity levels during WoD’s.

Lastly, there is a capacity routine, which is also known as metabolic conditioning and is done to really get bodies moving for the purposes of raising athletes’ heart rates. The average capacity segment in a WoD usually take about eight to ten minutes, but can be in excess of 30 minutes depending on the workout. Athletes keep a record of their own scores (eg. Weight, time, number of reps, etc), which allows them to track improvement over time and pushes them to perform better in future workouts.


Who can do CrossFit?

Anyone can do CrossFit! Whether you’re a beginner or have years of fitness experience, CrossFit is designed to improve your fitness as measured by work capacity over broad time and modal domain. In other words, CrossFit helps you to do more over a longer period of time. Right now, BoxFit has a very diverse community with athletes of all skill levels. Joining BoxFit is like being adopted into a new family. Egos are left at the door and everyone supports each other.

You can try CrossFit at BoxFit Taipei for free with a complimentary one-week pass.


What’s the schedule like?

Classes are one hour in length and run Monday through from 7am to 8:30pm, and Saturdays at 10am. Time in between classes is open gym, so you still have the option of training between classes. The class schedule is as follows:


For more information about BoxFit Taipei, you can contact them …

By Phone : 0920 320 976
By Email :
Website :

Like their Facebook page by clicking here.

Check out their youtube channel by clicking here. 

Or you can drop in to the address listed above.

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