Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above

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By this point, there is no denying that Taiwan is an amazingly beautiful and diverse island. However, those of us living in the big city may tend to forget just how awesome “Formosa” is. And there are a ton of people out there that don’t even know about Taiwan, let alone its attraction. That’s where “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above (看見台灣)” comes in. An artistic documentary showcasing aerial shots, the 90-minute film aims to take an in-depth look at all aspects of Taiwan, from the beauty to the danger and the more serious issues that exist.

taiwanfromabove1*From 看見台灣 FB page

Nominated for the Golden Horse Awards, the movie has regularly been selling out tickets since its debut on Nov 1. Director Chi Poling (齊柏林), an aerial photographer with years of experience, teams up with film director Hou Hsiao-hsien (侯孝賢), award-winning composer Ricky Ho (何國杰) and many other visual-effects specialists to create a visually stunning film. Catch a glimpse of the film in this trailer:

With a budget of NT$90 million, Chi Poling and his crew traveled all over the island getting shots from a perspective that most of us have never seen before. Because of his passion for aerial photography and a desire to spread news of the beauty and problems of the island, Chi Poling put everything on the line to make his dream-film come together. He even went as far as leaving the security of a very good job, spending all of his life-savings and putting up his house for a loan.

The movie is currently in theaters all around Taiwan, check your local theater for times. Also take a look at the facebook page for more photos and info.

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