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I love searching for a great deal, but if there’s one thing that I have learned the hard way since living in Taiwan, it’s that when shopping for clothing some deals are too good to be true. Buying clothing at the night market or online is like a gamble; you don’t know if the clothing you buy will fit right, the stiches might fall apart after two washes, the clothing might be see-through or badly dyed, buttons might fall right off, seams might be sewn crooked, and there may be a persistently odd smell.
Seeing as I’m not much of one to gamble away my money, I’ve searched out places in Taiwan where I can buy affordable, decent quality outfits. Nothing fancy, nothing pricy, just clothing that fits and won’t fall apart within a month. Some of these places you’ve probably heard of, while some of them may be new to you. Either way, take a look and see what Taipei has to offer.

First off, I’ll introduce some stores you’re probably familiar with.

Budget-Friendly International Brands You (Probably) Know

1.) The Gap


Still a new arrival to Taiwan, but already many shoppers go-to jeans store. If you are looking for a pair of pants that fit well (which is probably all of the time) head over to the Gap.

Their jeans are usually around 1900ntd or about $60usd and they come in a number of cuts, colors, and washes. The Gap has more than just jeans though. Check out the rest of the store for deals on all of your clothing needs.

*Also if you like Gap’s sister store, Old Navy, or are just looking for something a little different, you can purchase clothing from them online. They ship to Taiwan from Hong Kong at pretty affordable rates.

2.) Uniqlo


Uniqlo is another easy store to find in Taiwan, since they seem to be opening up EVERYWHERE. The reason for this is that they have Japanese fashion at affordable prices. Uniqlo has a pretty down-to-earth style with all of your basics. Want that shirt in seven different colors? Uniqlo’s got you covered.

Their T-shirts start at around $600NTD and their jeans at around $990NTD (that’s for men’s jeans too!). Like I said though, they’re everywhere so you can pop in and check them out!

3.) H&M


Look out Taipei. H&M just recently opened up their flagship store in Taipei. Much like the other stores mentioned above, H&M offers a wide selection of clothing for the whole family that is, thankfully, priced at student-affordable prices.
With jackets for under 2,000NTD and pants for around 1000NTD, you may just find it to be your new favorite store.

4.) Zara


Zara has been welcomed into Taiwan with open arms by local shoppers, and with good reason too. Zara’s crisp European styles offer everything from work outfits to casual wear with good deals to be found everywhere.
The price range at Zara for clothing can vary from around $500NTD for a women’s blouse to about $5,000NTD for a sleek coat, so keep an eye out for those discounts!

5.) Net


Net is a Taiwanese brand after my own heart. You probably know this store already if you’ve lived in Taiwan for a while, but Net is a great place to shop because you can find great deals on all wardrobe basics, work outfits, and more. Best of all, you’ll probably find one of Net’s stores very nearby wherever you are (they have over 30 stores just in Taipei!). Net’s clothing has a good mixture of styles, from casual to work dress, for men and women, so you’ll likely find whatever you’re looking for.
The price range at Net can vary between just $99NTD for basic camisoles to about $2000NTD for stylish jackets. Any way you look at it, Net’s prices are pretty affordable for the quality of clothing you get!

Brands You May Not Know….Yet

1.) GU


Looking for something edgier and stylish? GU, Uniqlo’s sister store has just recently opened in Taipei and offers hot fashion at low prices. Apparently GU is best known for their amazingly low-priced jean selection, which starts at just $790NTD. And it’s not just the jeans that are a bargin, everything else in the store comes at very budget friendly prices as well! I haven’t had a chance to check this place out yet, but I’ll be heading over to GU as soon as I can to stock up on some summer supplies! Find out about the different locations here.

2.) Pull & Bear


Reigning from Spain with new stores popping up all over the world, Pull&Bear already has a reputation among younger crowds in Taipei for their fashionable clothing at low prices.
Pull&Bear’s prices alone will satisfy everyone, with most of their clothing being priced between $500-2,000NTD.

See more of the Pull&Bear styles here.

3.) Anden Hud


Via Anden Hud’s Facebook page

The vast majority of what Anden Hud has to offer is underwear, sleepwear and comfy, lazy-day clothing. Their clothing is all made in Taiwan and their sales prices are a down right steal!

Sleepwear for men and women is all around $250NTD and their underwear is about $99-150NTD a pair.
You’ll only find their items online, as far as I know, but their website is in both English and Chinese. You can even use google translate to translate the whole page into English if you want to see detailed descriptions*. The best part is that you can get your orders sent to 7-11 where you can pay for everything upon pick-up. Talk about convenient!

Take a look at the website here!

* Remember to check the measurements when buying online as sizes and fits differ. I usually have trouble fitting into clothing I buy in Taiwan because of sizing differences, but everything I have gotten from Anden Hud fits perfectly.

4.) Caco (also called California)


Caco is a fun clothing store that you’ll find by many night markets and in some department stores in Taipei, usually under the name Caco or California. About half of their clothing is American-style casual wear (as in the photo) and the other half is American cartoon themed (think Adventure time, Sesame Street, Batman, Superman, etc…). Caco offers some great deals, good quality, and fun clothing styles.

The prices are usually around $350NTD for a cool graphic T-shirt to about $1000NTD for a jacket. When I looked around their store, almost everything was under $1000NTD. Pop on in and take a look around. You won’t be disappointed.

5.) H:Connect

hi connect

Looking for some edgy Korean clothing to add to your wardrobe, but can’t afford that flight to Korea? H:CONNECT has what you’ll need to add some boldness to your everyday style.

They have women’s blouses and men’s T-shirts starting around $1,000NTD, and women’s dresses at around $1,500NTD. Check them out online and take a quick look at their unique Lookbook!

What You Will be Seeing Soon:

Forever 21


The store doesn’t open until May, 2015, but I’m sure girls all over Taipei are impatiently awaiting the opening day. Forever 21 is the queen of bargain, here-today-gone-tomorrow fashion. The price of their clothing is usually cheap enough that most people can feel free to ride the latest fashion wave without breaking the bank. Coming soon to the ATT FUN near Taipei 101.

I figure that most of these places will be pretty accessible to everyone and not too hard for anyone to find. My hope is that this list can give you a few different stores to check out that you might not have. For me, these stores offer everything that I need to get through the seasons in Taipei without breaking the bank. Of course, Taipei is a big city and Taiwan is a big Island so there are bound to be plenty of other affordable stores out there with quality clothing that I have yet to discover. I’ll just have to keep looking and keep you posted!

Do you have any favorite clothing stores in Taipei? Any good tips on finding good clothing?

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