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Skrillex @ OMNI 2015
By TTdude | Published 2015/11/30

It’s been a long time coming, but one of the world’s favorite DJs is taking the stage in Taipei!

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Electric Run 2016
By TTdude | Published 2015/11/22

It’s been a while since there were any new big runs, and just as you thought the fad was starting to disappear, along comes another. However, this one looks pretty freaking cool. The Electric run is held at night as you run throughout 5k of electric, glowing art, followed by a party!

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Wings For Life: Taiwan
By TTdude | Published 2015/11/22

aeu Wings for Life is a global running non-profit event whose main purpose is one thing: Bringing attention to, and raising money for the Spinal Chord Research Foundation. Their aim? To find treatments for spinal chord injuries and get people standing, walking and running again.

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Rocky Horror Picture Show: 40th Anniversary
By TTdude | Published 2015/11/10

A party in celebration of the 40th anniversary of The Rocky Horror Picture presented by Time Warp Taiwan: Rocky Horror! We are here to rock Taipei with a party in honor of the original midnight movie with full LIVE shadowcast. Enjoy some music, food, and drinks, see the movie on the big screen, watch our […]

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Oxymoron @ MOCA
By TTdude | Published 2015/11/09

LU Zheng-yuan was born in Dalian of Liaoning Province, China in 1982. He graduated from and now teaches at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China, and currently lives and works in Beijing. He works with a wide range of genres, such as sculpture, installation, painting, performance, and interactive multimedia, and has participated in […]

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Sound of Hope SOH
By TTdude | Published 2015/10/29

It’s Friday night and you’re looking for new sounds and a new hangout with the chillest crowd in Taipei. Then you should check out “Sound of Hope” coming Nov. 6. Presented by OTS (Chess Club) at the awesome ATT Showbox party space, Sound of Hope is bringing together some of the hottest local hiphop in […]

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Halloween Massive 2015
By TTdude | Published 2015/10/08

Taiwan’s biggest Halloween party is coming to Club Omni this year as it moves back into the city limits. Bringing in world-renown DJs DVBBS, there will be some killer beats as you check out some of the best looking costumes in Taipei, and party till the sun comes up.

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Resurrection 6 @ The Red House
By TTdude | Published 2015/10/01

When darkness falls across the land and the midnight hour is close at hand, it’s time once again for… RESURRECTION. For the sixth year in a row, this Halloween party has rocked Taipei’s Ximen District with awesome costumes, great music and real Halloween fun.

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Conquer Obstacle Course: Taipei
By TTdude | Published 2015/09/08

Rounding out its way around Taiwan, the next Conquer Obstacle Course is coming back to Taipei this Apr 23. Taking place in the center of Taipei City, the challenging course will have all of the obstacles you love spread over 5k.

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A Walk into Taipei’s Hidden History
By TTdude | Published 2015/08/24

Taipei might not be known for its ancient history, or its famous historical sites, but that’s what makes unearthing the secret spots all that much more enjoyable. For there are hidden spaces deep in the alleys and hidden behind the layers of modern Taipei City, most of them originating along the Danshui River.

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Ultra Taiwan Run
By TTdude | Published 2015/08/14

Taiwan, also known as Formosa, from the Portuguese word Ilha Formosa meaning “beautiful island”, is a vibrant kaleidoscope of tradition and modernity waiting to be explored. Steeped in traditional Chinese culture, with influences from Japan and the island’s own indigenous tribes, Taiwan is a destination full of surprises! Beyond the bustling metropolises are lush tropical […]

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Road to Ultra Taipei 2015
By TTdude | Published 2015/08/13

One of the biggest music festivals ever conceived, Ultra Music Fest travels all around the world, gathering the best local and international DJs in one spot. On the Road to Ultra, the music festival is hitting Taipei this September 20 with some surprises in store!

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