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♛ ROYAL ART CAFE’ presents: – ”the ☠ DEAD ARTISTS Halloween Party! ☠”
By TT author | Published 2014/10/29

Halloween is just around the corner! ROYAL ART CAFE’ presents: the ☠ DEAD ARTISTS Halloween Party! Let’s put on your most scary and creepy costumes!  GIFTS to the friends who will dress like popular DEAD ARTISTS or famous PAINTINGS:

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Ciao Taipei Presents: SALUTI!@ROOM18
By TT author | Published 2014/09/18

The Finest Party is BACK! The Great Return of Ciao! Now, For the Grand Return of Ciao Taipei’s 5th event – SALUTI! Once again, we’re back in Room18 Taipei, with its Premiere Night on Saturday, 4th October 2014.

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Ciao Taipei presents Jungle Fever @ M – Taipei
By TT author | Published 2014/08/17

The Finest Party is BACK! Don’t you all miss the scene of SPRING VIBES? Here we are! Back with the finest music, full of Love and Passion! 2014/8/30 (SAT), M Taipei. We’d love to rock the dance floor once more! And turn this city into a Massive Wave of Heat! For the opening, Marco Mei […]

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Kliqe Cafe
By TT author | Published 2014/06/27

A New Open Brunch coffee “Kliqe” in Songshan district. Here had a Great atmosphere, Great quality Food, nice price and good reading environment. -Ryoma Heno

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Headphone Parties in Taiwan
By TT author | Published 2014/04/25

Get ready for a very different kind of dance party…a silent one. No more loudspeakers playing the same old tunes you hear in every club. The Headphone party provides headphones for everyone and different channels to choose from so everyone can dance to the music they like, and if you feel like having a conversation, […]

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Mayfest Mixer
By TT author | Published 2014/04/24

Meet and network with new friends and catch up with old ones this May 15. With Beer & Cheese’s excellent craft beers in Taipei and great social atmosphere, it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet more people and expand your networks for real!

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Howie Lee “Borderless Shadows” A/V Live Taipei
By TT author | Published 2014/03/21

*Howie Lee (Trapdoor Records) Future music from downtown Beijing. Howie Lee is a producer/DJ comes from Beijing who produces experimental bass music whilst dabbling in multiple genres. With nicely selected found sounds and field recordings, Howie Lee approaches his dancefloor-bass-driven beat uniquely and never limited by any particular production styles, which is why he […]

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Spring Equinox Mixer@Beer & Cheese
By TT author | Published 2014/03/11

Thursday night, 20th of March, is the Spring Equinox. We’re going to have a special social event to celebrate the start of spring and an end to winter.

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Art, Tech & Techno
By TT author | Published 2013/12/09

Networking Party with TECHNO When art, technology and electronic music are mixed together, what spark will there be? The one and only networking party that links people in tech and people in art together at a gallery with DJ music in Taipei!

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Beat Generation Vol.1 @ HuaShan Legacy Taipei
By TT author | Published 2013/09/04

Remember Just One Fix’s legendary warehouse parties at Nangang Bottle Cap Factory? The Nangang Factory is history now but we discovered the only warehouse-style live venue in Taipei – Legacy live house in HuaShan 1914 creative park, which is very much like the Nangang warehouse but bigger and better!

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E Spot Party Vol.2 MUG Night
By TT author | Published 2013/08/05

Do you know how many disposable cups are wasted every day? The E spot party invites you to bring your own mugs, cups, jars and other containers to the party, so you can drink all you want and still do something for the environment. Besides that, you can drink cocktails for 50% off all night […]

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Sappho Live
By TT author | Published 2013/07/16

Sappho Live, a cool, friendly, laid back music venue with the finest in jazz/blues/world music and all night jam sessions, a dance floor, and all washed down with great cocktails, selected wines and beers, and tasty bar snacks. Quiet enough to chat, dark enough to get intimate, there’s live entertainment, and cool bar staff to […]

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