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Maison Gourmande: Homemade French Pastry in Taipei
By Sylvie Tran | Published 2015/11/02

Who would have thought that you could find authentic country-style French pastry in Taipei? Sure, I know French patisseries and creperies are becoming a curbside commodity around the world, especially macarons as cute as they are, which still sell out to high demand here in Taipei. But real honest-to-goodness country cooking with that special touch […]

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What NT$15,000 Rent Gets You around Taiwan and Asia
By Sylvie Tran | Published 2015/08/12

Recently while looking for houses in Taipei I started thinking to myself, like many of us probably have, “I wonder what kind of awesome deals I could find around Taiwan for the same budget.” So I did some digging around Taiwan’s major cities, and then thought while am at it “Why not check out other […]

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7 Kinds of Korean Cuisine in Taipei
By Sylvie Tran | Published 2015/06/16

If I hear that song one more time, I might hurt somebody. You know which one I’m talking about. Still, I love Korean food and it has always been a favorite of mine. So I made it a mission to hit up the best Korean spots in Taipei. Here’s a short list for those who […]

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Lighthouse Inn
By Sylvie Tran | Published 2015/05/04

Lighthouse Hostel (微光。宅) is the perfect example that great treasures are often hidden in unknown alleys of a city. Located near the Yanshui river and not far from Zhonghua North Road,a huge avenue with a lot of local shops and restaurants the Lighthouse hostel sits between restful beauty and the bustle on Tainan.

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2015 Jazz Pioneer Series [M.O. Bar Jazz Series presented by Vincent Hsu ]
By Sylvie Tran | Published 2015/04/22

  M.O. Bar Jazz Series presented by Vincent Hsu April Program–Jazz Pioneer Series: Vincent Hsu, bassist and winner of the 2014 “Best Jazz Album of the Year” by the Golden Indie Music Award, will be back to the M.O. Bar with a series of curated music programs. This April at M.O. Bar, the Jazz Series […]

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Emmanuel Hotel
By Sylvie Tran | Published 2015/03/07

Very unlike Taipei 101, Kaohsiung’s tallest building is filled not only with offices, but also a lot of hotels. So why not stay in the place with the best view of the city? Emmanuel hotel (以馬內利) sits on the north wing of the the gigantic 85 Tower (85大樓), overlooking the majority of the sprawling city.

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