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Dressed [Closed :( ]
By Sam H | Published 2013/03/22

Rising to extreme popularity throughout Hong Kong, Dressed is more than just your everyday salad bar. Using a sleek, modern design and the freshest, healthiest ingredients available, the quickly growing chain is a dream come true for the health and fashion conscious. But Dressed offers much more than salad. With a mix of some great […]

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Mangiamo: Good Meats = Good Eats
By Sam H | Published 2013/01/25

Like something straight off of a European city street corner, the Mangiamo deli offers an astoundingly comprehensive mix of western-style meats, starting at basics like ribs and salami, and growing to more exotic selections of pancetta, coppa or chorizo. From the ground up, everything about Mangiamo screams quality, and it shows through in everything the […]

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Taipei Game Show@Nangang
By Sam H | Published 2013/01/16

  Some of us here at Taipei Trends are bigger gamers than we’d like to admit. Whether it be on our phones, computers or console, you’re bound to catch one of us wasting a bit of time in the digital world. That’s why we can help but be excited for the Taipei Game Show. With […]

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Dolce Hits the Sweet Spot [CLOSED :( ]
By Sam H | Published 2013/01/14

Dolce has a seductive quality. Nestled in an up and coming DongQu neighborhood, it has somewhat of an unassuming exterior. However, upon entering, you will find yourself greeted by the slick elegance of a chic and modern dessert lounge whose custom design and amiable staff align to create one of the nicest nightlife dining spots […]

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We Love Cookies!
By Sam H | Published 2012/12/18

Craving cookies or cupcakes? Well if you’re in the NTU/ Gongguan area then go check out We Love Cookies! Run by the charismatic owner TJ Higgins, this delicious little sweet shop is always worth a visit. Carrying some of the best cookies Taipei has to offer, We Love Cookies is always surrounded by the smell […]

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DIY Supermarket
By Sam H | Published 2012/12/06

Taipei is a food centric city but somethings are just not easy to find. Especially if your foreign and miss some of those not so local foods. Well, there are a variety of answers to this problem and one of my favorites is the YongHe DIY Supermarket. Located next to the #4 park and close to Yongan […]

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“Let’s get Super Baked” [Closed :( ]
By Sam H | Published 2012/11/13

Super Baked cupcakes that is. If you’ve ever experienced Super Baked then you know it’s an experience to remember. Hand crafted with quality in mind and love in heart, Super Baked cupcakery is one of a kind. Run by the adorable and humorous Kimmy, this budding bakery is now sharing it’s delicious creations with all […]

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Rebirth in the Underground: ‘Moonlit Ruins’ Photo Recap
By Sam H | Published 2012/10/06

For the Love of the Music Interesting things happen when the Godfather of Taipei’s dance scene and it’s Grandaddy of party-production reunite. Degenerate factory grounds come alive. Strangers gather in the darkness, following the bass that permeates the walls. Lasers illuminate surreal paintings and structures left by advant-garde artists. A wave of people bob in […]

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