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Leo’s Tuck Shop
By RV | Published 2013/07/16

An iconic dish to Australians and New Zealanders, a ‘meat pie’ is meaty goodness enrobed in a palm-sized buttery pastry shell. It was a treat I indulged on a regular basis when I was growing up in Oz. And even now, there’s nothing quite like taking a crispy, yet moist bite out of a warm […]

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Handful of Sapphires: Proactivism in Taiwan and in Our Communities
By RV | Published 2013/04/29

Let’s be honest, the majority of us have some form of income on which to live comfortably and independently.  We most likely also have a decent support group, however big or small, whether it’s family, friends or colleagues.  So if you’re anything like me, you might’ve had the thought of one day lending a hand […]

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topo+ cafe
By RV | Published 2013/03/28

Looking for that perfect brunch spot away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD?  Topo+ café  in Tianmu is an excellent blend of innovate design and great quality, great for taking a break from it all.

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Making Biking Easy for U
By RV | Published 2013/02/18

A hugely popular mode of transport, bicycles have been part of the Taipei scenery for decades. Healthy, environmentally friendly and cheap, many people are even choosing to switch from their scooters to use bicycles as their primary means of travel. In recent years, with the City’s implementation of UBike (a “bike sharing system”) and a […]

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By RV | Published 2013/01/19

With over 60 hotels and resorts worldwide and counting, it’s no surprise that the W brand has taken it’s rightful place in the heart of Taipei’s hottest night spot of Xinyi District.  And as with every W estate, a WOOBAR is born… The Environment In keeping with W’s mantra of every property having their own […]

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