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EF Live @ The Wall
By RJ | Published 2013/09/05

Some of Taiwan’s favorite Swedish guys are all set to return to the Formosa shores. The band EF, best known for their haunting melodies and moving instrumentals, will be at The Wall on Sept 6. Tomas, Daniel, Niklas, Erik, and Emanuel are extremely excited to be playing for Taipei’s music-loving crowd once again.

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Franz Ferdinand@Legacy
By RJ | Published 2013/07/31

Fantastic news, rock fans. Fellow music lovers from EARWAX are bringing Franz Ferdinand to Taipei. Yep, the guys from Glasgow, Scotland are flying in for a one-night-only concert at Legacy Taipei. Get ready to meet Alex Kapranos (lead vocals and guitar), Bob Hardy (bass guitar), Nick McCarthy (rhythm guitar, keyboards and backing vocals), and Paul Thomson […]

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La Cumbia Balkanska: Music that Makes You Move
By RJ | Published 2013/06/20

With La Cumbia Balkanska, resistance is futile. You can listen to them play and attempt to stand absolutely still. I’m willing to wager though that you won’t last more than five minutes. La Cumbia Balkanska’s music has the ability to reach deep inside and set your inner metronome on fire.

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TWDY Live: An Ear-gasmic Night for Taipei’s Post-rock Fans
By RJ | Published 2013/06/05

The room erupted into cheers the moment they stepped out. But for most of the concert, the crowd gathered at The Wall was a collective sea of contented silence. Such was the effect of This Will Destroy You (TWDY). For almost two hours, the audience was lost in the music created by guitarists Jeremy Galindo […]

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