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Festive Feast Ideas – Christmas In Taipei
By mike trends | Published 2015/12/22

If you’re at a loss for how to celebrate your Christmas in Taipei, have no fear. I’m a huge fan of the seasonal spread, so I’ve done some research and would like to introduce your Festive Feast guide to making the most of your Christmas dinner!

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A Coffee a Day: Our 5 Favorite Cafes in Taipei
By mike trends | Published 2015/01/09

It’s Monday morning, 8:00am. You’ve just rolled out of bed and you’ve spent the past 30 minutes haphazardly stumbling around your house as you prepare for your seemingly endless workweek. Then, you step outside and it hits you, “I could really go for a cup of coffee”.  Does this sound familiar to you?

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BoxFit brings CrossFit to Taiwan
By mike trends | Published 2014/05/26

If Internet surfing and taking selfies is part of your workout routine, then skip this article. If not, then strap on your headbands and grab a towel, because we’re going change the way you perceive fitness and we’re going to sweat… a lot. Get ready to rediscover fitness with CrossFit at BoxFit Taipei.

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How To: Eggnog in Taiwan
By mike trends | Published 2013/12/16

Christmas is nearly here, and many of us are doing our best to try to gather as much Christmas cheer as we can in Taiwan. Whether it’s putting up Christmas decorations, listening to all of the classic Christmas carols, pulling out the red sweater you wear once a year or buying a Santa hat, most […]

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By mike trends | Published 2013/07/30

In present day Taipei, you can almost turn your head in any direction and spot a Western Style diner of some sort. Because of this competitive market, it’s hard to distinguish what sets these restaurants apart. What makes a diner authentic? What does one restaurant have that another doesn’t? Most of the time, sadly, there […]

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The Peak
By mike trends | Published 2013/07/22

Taipei is full of amazing dining options and everybody knows it. With such a large international population in the country’s capital, you cannot deny that this fast paced city has almost everything you can hope for when it comes to food. However, when the speed of the city gets to you and you feel like […]

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3 Reasons to Visit Der Löwe This Week
By mike trends | Published 2013/07/09

Nobody can deny that the summer heat is in full swing. You may have noticed that the beer gardens are packed and 7-11 is once again bringing in its summer selection of imports. However, if you’re one of the many people in Taiwan who are in the market to try something other than Belgian beers […]

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Juanita Burritos & Tacos [closed :( ]
By mike trends | Published 2013/06/11

Modern, cool and a bit nerdy, Juanita has made a reputation for itself for having fresh ingredients, generous portion sizes, and great Mexican food since its launch into the competitive restaurant market in late 2012. You see, with most Mexican places in Taipei, you usually ending up paying way too much for way too little in […]

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2013 Taiwan International Balloon Festival – Taidong
By mike trends | Published 2013/06/06

Hot air ballooning is the oldest human flight technology with a history that dates back to over 300 years. Although there are currently many other flight options to choose from, hot air ballooning is still considered to be the one of the most peaceful and breathtaking ways to view the world from a different perspective.

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By mike trends | Published 2013/05/14

We all know that Taipei has an enormous variety of bars, clubs, pubs, and other watering holes. It’s always very exciting to discover a new place to go, especially when it has a lot of character. Pregame is exactly that : a really unique pub style bar with great food, beer pong tables, cheap beer, […]

Café Café
By mike trends | Published 2013/05/10

Tucked away in the back alleys of the Xinyi area, there is a cafe unlike any other in Taipei.  A member of The Diner family, Cafe Cafe is a Western style cafe with a full menu of great food, a unique, garden-like dining atmosphere and quiet location.

By mike trends | Published 2013/05/02

If hearing the words sushi, tempura, BBQ, and sa-ke is enough to make you hungry then Watami is a must try dining spot for you. Established in 1984 as a small Japanese restaurant, it has since exploded into a popular international dining spot. With modern architecture and excellent food, you’re bound to impress with this […]


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