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I came to Taiwan on a whim for an exchange program in university and I've pretty much been here ever since. I pretty much fell in love with TW at first sight and I take every chance I get to go out and explore. With a knack for creating things, a decent camera and some editing skills, I created TT to share Taiwan with others and connect people looking to do cool things. I'm always down to try something new and exciting, especially if it involves going fast, so send me a shout out and let's explore together.

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Monkey Mountain: Adventures in Kaohsiung
By Chris | Published 2016/07/03

This may be one of my favorite videos we have ever done. Last time we went to Kaohsiung to play with the monkeys, I said we would be back, and this time lots of really cool people joined us on our adventure to the Xiziwan district to explore around the mountains, beaches and historic spots.

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10 Kinds of Annoying “Walkers” You Meet
By Chris | Published 2016/04/27

Walking is a great way to get around…that is until you are met with people that are determined to make it difficult for you… Here are the 10 kinds of people that annoy you while walking 😛 (tbh I’m the one that walks and texts… doh! ) #1 The Spacey One – Head in the […]

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Epic Pillow Fight
By Chris | Published 2016/03/30

International Pillow Fight Day coming up April 2nd, and we felt inspired! Using the ancient art of Pillow Fighting, we introduce to you a new saga that will surely go down as a classic.

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Dance Around Taiwan
By Chris | Published 2016/03/03

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Dance Around Taiwan Flash Mob Event
By Chris | Published 2016/01/28

Hello everybody!! O(≧▽≦)O We are super excited to present our latest project that is really important to us: “Dance Around Taiwan”. A gigantic flashmob around the island to show its two unique beauty: its landscape and its people. We have prepared a pretty easy dance for you to come and enjoy with us. It will […]

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Epic Battle Day : Paintball – Archery Tag – Bubble Ball
By Chris | Published 2016/01/05

We had been dying to try out bubble ball soccer for a long time, and it had been a while since we had put together an “extreme sport” event, so we thought…”Why not just do all three?” Turned out to be a great idea.

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Taipei Before and After
By Chris | Published 2015/11/25

Recently, as I was browsing the internet for fun, I noticed an article by Travelog with cool side by comparisons of some of the most well known landmarks from Taipei before and after shots. I had a bunch of images I had collected for an old article and thought it would be cool to put them to […]

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Epic Battle Day!
By Chris | Published 2015/11/19

If you have been looking for some exciting outdoor activities then this is the event for you! Join us for some seriously epic fun!

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Adventures in Alangyi: Aboriginal Festivals and Ancient Trails
By Chris | Published 2015/10/22

There it is: that distinguishing aspect of Taiwan that is so appealing. It’s easy to forget when living in Taipei (or any of the major cities) that Taiwan is a culturally vibrant, tropical island, full of amazing things you won’t experience anywhere else. It’s the reason many of us fall in love with this island in the […]

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The Freshest in Taipei – The V:F (Vegetables & Fruit)
By Chris | Published 2015/10/19

I am admittedly a devout meat-eater. But every now and then even I acquire a craving for something completely natural, extremely fresh and satisfyingly delectable…in other words, vegetarian food. However, while innovative vegetarian cuisine such as Mia Cucina and Herban Kitchen is on the up and up in Taipei, it can still be a struggle to find an truly-healthy […]

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Wulai Deals with Typhoon Soudelor’s Aftermath
By Chris | Published 2015/10/13

Since Typhoon Soudelor stuck the island, Taiwan is still dealing with the mess left behind. However, Wulai has been hit the worst, with multiple major landslides and floods, causing cars, roads and even large buildings to be swept away.

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12 Ways to Relax around Taipei
By Chris | Published 2015/09/02

I love city life, especially in Taipei, but spending most of your time among the scooter-filled streets and concrete jungle can start to grind on your nerves. The hustle builds up a little every day until it starts to wear on you. Moreover, it’s rare that you find a convenient place to visit in solitude […]

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