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Taipei Reaches Critical Mass (Cycling)
By Joe Fang | Published 2015/09/23

Often times, life in the city causes people to naturally conform to the civilization they live in, the popular values in society becoming the system by which all others lead their lives. In order to take a step out of this restraint and regain a sense of freedom every now and then, I rely on […]

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Born to Glide | Skateboarding in Taipei
By Joe Fang | Published 2015/09/17

From surfing to snowboarding to skydiving, the rush achieved from gliding at high speed in some form or another, is something many people are born craving. To many, skating possesses the same attraction, the feeling of flying just above ground, causing a surge of adrenaline as you glide over the pavement. The skater weaves like […]

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Highway to Heaven
By Joe Fang | Published 2013/09/06

Joe Fang recently joined the Nabiis bicycle team as they toured around the East Coast of Taiwan on their way to Wuling Mountain. This is what he had to say about the 6 day cycling adventure. Along the Taiwan mountain scape, Wuling (武嶺) mountain ridge stretches far and wide. Here I am, joined by the […]

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Street Knights
By Joe Fang | Published 2013/04/02

*from Street Knights On a windy Saturday at dusk, a group of “Bike Knights” sits in Ximending (西門町) tuning up their fixed gear bikes in order to draw out their highest performance. The atmosphere is like that of the calm before the storm, and when everyone is finally ready, they mount their bikes and head […]

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The Feel of a Fixed Gear
By Joe Fang | Published 2013/02/22

Textures and shapes are important. They allow us to appreciate the fine details of something, whatever it may be. When observing a fire, the flow and shape of the flames possess a hypnotizing charm to them, often drawing our gaze and keeping it fixed on their movement. Embracing this idea of texture and flow of […]

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