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There’s a profound difference between a nerd and a geek, and I am hands down, the latter, and a proud one at that, what with my fanboyness and love for all things that are basically not real. But I am also a student of film, loving everything from lesser known indie-films to the works of master storytellers like Nolan and Spielberg. Taipei Trends is a panel where I can share with everyone the pros and cons of the latest installment in local cinemas, as well as review the most current updates in the world of the geeks.

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Martin Scorsese: Making Movies in Taiwan
By James Lo | Published 2015/05/05

    Renowned Hollywood director Martin Scorsese and “The Amazing Spider-Man” actor Andrew Garfield yesterday spoke fondly of their working experiences in Taiwan during a press event, marking the end of a 6-month filming in Taiwan for the movie “Silence” (沈默).

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Let the Laughter Out in Let’sBe Cops!
By James Lo | Published 2014/11/19

Talk about surprises. Just when dark comedy and the plot-driven humor style of Judd Apatow has become the norm, Luke Greenfield’s Let’s Be Cops takes a step back to return to the previous crude comedies of Hollywood the likes of American Pie and the Jay and Silent Bob series. However, unlike its predecessors whose incoherent […]

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The Equalizer: The Embodiment of Batman|Superman
By James Lo | Published 2014/11/06

Denzel Washington. Honestly, whenever I see this name attached on a film I’d get myself ready to hit the theaters even without watching a trailer; I can easily say the same for names like Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan. And I am right. I mean from his acclaimed dramas like Glory and Flight, to his […]

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A Heart Warming Look at Modern Humanity: This is Where I Leave You
By James Lo | Published 2014/10/10

Despite overwhelmingly mediocre reviews from just about everybody, I want to say that I am a huge fan of this film adaptation of “This is Where I Leave You.” Personally I don’t even understand why some people did not enjoy the film, I mean it is actually quite familiar on an extremely profound level that […]

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill for
By James Lo | Published 2014/09/11

When there’s nothing new, the audience will start to nitpick what is wrong. Much like the failure seen in “300: Rise of an Empire,” “Sin City: A Dame to Kill for” has nothing new the audience haven’t already seen in the first film, which proves that Frank Miller’s acclaim as a visual genius has obviously […]

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The Best Adaptation of the Young Adult Genre: The Giver
By James Lo | Published 2014/09/10

No one can blame me for walking into the theater to “The Giver” rolling my eyes and thinking that there’s about two hours of Young Adult romance-adventure torture ahead of me. I’ve never read the book, nor knew that it is a big part of the American middle school curriculum until I went on Wikipedia […]

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The Rover
By James Lo | Published 2014/09/02

If Robert Pattinson’s public denouncement and criticism of the “Twilight Saga,” does not make you respect the guy, “The Rover” surely will. From his filmography, one would be surprised that he could deliver a good performance, let alone a great one.

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When a Movie Only Uses 10% of Its Capacity: Lucy
By James Lo | Published 2014/08/26

The most important point one needs to understand before walking into what I call, a visually artful piece of blockbuster “docufiction,” is that it is not what its trailers made it out to be: an action film. Though writer-director Luc Besson has been known as of late to create great action flicks the likes of […]

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Absoulutely Right: Expendable X 3
By James Lo | Published 2014/08/20

Here is something The Expendables franchise creator Sylvester Stallone should take to heart: if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Remember why “The Expendables,” a movie people thought was going to be a ridiculous flop, actually became a success to refill Stallone’s deep pockets with not one but two sequels? It’s the fact that it […]

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They’re Mutants, Teenagers and Turtles? Oh, and They’re Ninjas?!
By James Lo | Published 2014/08/11

Let’s just put it out there: TMNT will most likely piss-off diehard fans of the original series. So thankfully there is only a small community of them in Taiwan, I ironically being one myself. That being said, I have one thing to get off my chest before we begin. The following review is actually going […]

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Marvel Releases the Best Geek-Fest to Date: Guardians of the Galaxy
By James Lo | Published 2014/08/07

So, if anyone thought that “The Avengers” (2012) was the geekfest to give Marvel-fans all over the world the biggest nerdgasm, think again. From the studio whose inside jokes and cameos require fans to be avid viewers of the entire cinematic universe comes an entertaining adventure that is Marvel’s answer to Star Wars or Indiana […]

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