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3 Things To Do On 10/10
By Ina Shang | Published 2014/10/09

It’s 1010 and it’s time to let loose and have a blast over the 3-day weekend while Taiwan celebrates it’s birthday. If you aren’t doing the traveling thing due to the onslaught of crowds, and need something to do, there are some events taking place for you!

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“No, U Bring It!” – Step Up 5
By Ina Shang | Published 2014/08/17

Rating: 3/5 My long-awaited (yes, awaited!) Step Up 5 is finally out! Featuring some of your favourite all-star dancers. They will stun you with even more energetic and frenetic dance sets than ever before. Plus the story was so upbeat, it’s sure to make you fist pump uncontrollably on your chair.

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