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5 Ways to Explore Tainan City
By Angela Tsai | Published 2016/08/09

It only takes 3 hours from Taipei to Tainan by train. Trains run fast, but remember to slow down your steps when you arrive in Tainan. Here I propose 5 ways to enjoy the oldest city in Taiwan. Let’s leave the hustle and bustle of Taipei City behind and follow Tainanese slow pace. 1. Discover […]

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14 Days of Life in Dulan
By Angela Tsai | Published 2015/08/26

When I told the people around me that I was headed to Dulan to work at a hostel, one friend responded “How long are you going? Taitung is so boring!” To be completely honest, even in my twenty-something years in Taiwan, I hadn’t once set foot in the South East. Even if everyone else and […]

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