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My name is Adam Hatch and I've been a contributor to Taipei Trends since 2013. I like to focus on local history, culture, and social trends along with the occasional political analysis. I'm currently a graduate student at NCCU in Asia-Pacific studies and hold a degree in geography from UC Berkeley. I've been just another English teacher in Taipei for five years and my Chinese is still embarrassing. I enjoy reading, traveling around Taiwan, and being a smart-ass.

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Islam in Taiwan
By Adam Hatch | Published 2015/12/29

Chinese Admiral Zheng He (鄭和) is one of the most important explorers and navigators in human history, having led expeditions from the Chinese coast to ports as far-flung as India, the Arabian Peninsula, and Africa. Less well known is that he was a practicing Muslim, a member of the Hui minority in Yunnan province during […]

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15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Taiwan
By Adam Hatch | Published 2015/05/12

  Whether you have been here just a short time or all your life, we all love Taiwan, but how well do you really know it? Test your knowledge of Formosa with these rarely known facts! Let’s start off with an easy one:

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Red-Headed Step Child: Fort San Domingo
By Adam Hatch | Published 2015/05/04


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Two Sides to the Story, Whether We Like it or Not
By Adam Hatch | Published 2015/04/14

We all love those stories with a clear-cut bad guy. I mean, who doesn’t love to hate a villain like Voldemort of Harry Potter fame? However, the problem with this kind of narrative is that it’s rarely how the world actually works, especially when it comes to large-scale geopolitical issues. This includes the perennial debate over Taiwan’s status relative to China. However, The Diplomat contributor J. Michael Cole seems to have made a career of framing this profoundly complicated question as “good guy vs. bad guy” and does so again in his recent article – “The Great Chinese Lie About Taiwan.”

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Story Slam @ Sappho
By Adam Hatch | Published 2015/02/25

  One point of pride for Taipei is its relatively robust nightlife. There is almost a glut of clubs, lounges, venues, and pubs for locals and expats alike to unwind on the weekend. Still, it can get monotonous. Story Slam at Sappho Live, however, is an encouraging development on the scene.

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The Sanctuary: Animal Rescue, Rehoming, and Shelter – They need your help!
By Adam Hatch | Published 2014/10/12

As amazing of a city as Taipei is, one less than happy circumstance is the treatment of pets. You’ve heard stories and seen the evidence – a puppy-mill shut down by police, feral dogs roaming hiking trails and river parks, maybe something on the news occasionally about animal cruelty.

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Does Taipei Have a Future?
By Adam Hatch | Published 2014/09/16

If you’ve been in Taipei for any amount of time its rapid development is evident. This is especially true for locals and expats who’ve been here for decades – ask someone about Taipei in the 80s or 90s relative to now, and they might as well be two different cities.

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Burger & Co.
By Adam Hatch | Published 2014/04/08

Special guest article by 5th grade student – Estella – from Tree House Academy! Recently, our teacher Mr. H brought Lily and I to a restaurant that just opened a few months ago. The restaurant is named Burger and Co. and is located on TongAn St. very close to our school. When we got to […]

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Taboo Truths or Thoughtless Theories?
By Adam Hatch | Published 2014/03/17

I’m writing this as a response to “Why I Love Taiwan (Taboo Truths)”. Regardless of the disclaimer preceding the article, I was provoked by it enough to want to respond. Not because I disagree with Jed Alexander’s sentiments of self-betterment and holding oneself up to a reasonable standard, but because it rang of classist, misogynist, […]

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Torrid Textbook Tales
By Adam Hatch | Published 2014/03/04

Intense political battles have been popping up a lot this year with regards to proposed changes to Taiwan’s education curriculum. If you haven’t been following along, basically the Ministry of Education (MOE) quietly made a number of “minor adjustments” to high school history and civics textbooks that some are calling a ploy to teach children […]

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Secrets of 228 Park | Part 3: Coming Full Circle
By Adam Hatch | Published 2014/02/18

*In my last two articles I talked about the original use of the area by the local population and Qing authorities, then its development by the Japanese colonial administration (check those out here, and here). The final chapter of 228 Park is a story of some of the darkest atrocities in Taiwan, but thankfully, also […]

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Secrets of 228 Park | Part 2: A Park of Empires
By Adam Hatch | Published 2014/01/21

If you didn’t catch the first article Secrets of 228 Park | Part 1: Origins, check it out here! So, where was I? That’s right: Taiwan is surprisingly full of history and secrets that hide in plain sight and 2/28 Park is a wonderful example of what I mean. 2/28 Park was originally the grounds […]

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