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Taipei Main Station, 2F
02 2389 1998
avg. NT $200

Taking it on good authority (from an actual Japanese person), Arashi is apparently a fairly authentic Ramen shop located on the second floor of Taipei Main Station. Though the cafeteria-chain style of the restaurant cast some doubts on the actual quality of the food, we were surprised to discover that Arashi offers a very nice array of ramen and other side dishes.

The Food

“Japanese Ramen” shops are way too easy to come by in Taipei city. Many of the self-named “authentic” shops are knock-offs of real Japanese style, and while the food they offer is still delicious, one restaurant is usually just as good as the other. So when heading to Arashi, we were a bit wary of the quality.

Whether it was just a good day or the recommendation from a Japanese friend, we actually found Arashi to be very good. There are still some very Taiwanese aspects to the food, such as the 滷肉飯 (pork rice) dishes and certain ramen flavors that Arashi offers, but overall the portions were nicely-sized and the food tasted great.

The specialty ramen at Arashi are dishes made with lots and lots of garlic. In fact, the 招牌 (house) ramen dish is named “Garlic Fist of Ramen” and is made with a strong pork and garlic flavored broth. Really, the broth is just a thick, delicious garlic soup as far as were concerned.

Garlic Pork Rice
Garlic Fist of Ramen

While the food was pretty tasty, some people might it to be way too rich. Not only is the food made with a lot of garlic, but some of the dishes were extremely salty.

The Environment

There really isn’t much to say about the Train Station restaurant. It is what it is, that being: a nice-looking, slightly better-quality cafeteria restaurant. It was certainly comfortable and the staff was quick, but the restaurant thrives on fast service and getting as many people in and out as soon as possible.


There are 5 locations of Arashi in Taipei:

Taipei Main- Second Floor (02 2389 1998)

XinYiWeiXiu – #20, SongShou Road, 2F (02 2729 2128)

Eslite Bookstore DunNan – #245 DunHua S., sec. 1, B1 (02 2778 5777)

BanJi- #8 ZhongXiao East, sec. 5, B2 (02 8789 3030)

XinGuang SW- #14 NanJing W. Road, B1 (02 2562 0011)


Wrap Up

The Arashi in Taipei Main Station is very convenient. It makes meeting up with a group very easy and the restaurant was large enough to accommodate a good number people. The food was pretty good and mostly authentic if not a little too strongly flavored. Also, the prices were decent, only coming to about NT $200 per person. If you are in the area and need a quick place to eat, or an easy place to meet others, then we would recommend this restaurant. However, if you have the option, you might wanna try one of the other, less crowded locations.

For more info on the Taipei Main location check out the tabs up top.


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