A Ni To the Face

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Fighting is something that comes naturally to some people. But only determination, training and a strong spirit will send you to the top of the game.

Tom Ni has been training his whole life. Growing up in So-Cal and Shanghai, Ni began his career early when he started attending Kung Fu classes as a child. While attending university in New York, Tom was introduced to other fighting styles, eventually getting into Muay Thai and joining Church Street Boxing, one of the toughest old-school boxing and Muay Thai gyms in New York.

This one:

After university, Tom traveled to Thailand to get down and dirty with the original purveyors of the sport. He bounced around for a while before eventually ending up right here in good ol’ Taipei. It was a good choice, because his career is starting to explode.


A well-seasoned striker, Tom is now fighting under the tutelage of renowned Muay Thai boxer Ethan “The Gentleman” Garcia. Learning new fighting arts and working with people throughout the MMA community, Tom is improving quickly and getting better all the time.


The “Gentleman’s Club”, as the group is known, not only houses Tom, but also helped improve other notable Taiwan-based MMA fighters as well, such as Rocky Lee, who is getting closer and closer to reaching his UFC dream.

Under his new fight team, Tom was recently invited to Shanghai to fight in the quickly growing “RUFF” MMA promotion. Tom is a striker, but his opponent was a well-established grappler. Ni battled his opponent on the feet until eventually getting trapped in a submission on the ground. The loss was a learning experience and will only push Tom to get stronger. The Ruff guys were so impressed with Tom’s performance that they asked him to come back –with a possible contract in the works!


Now working to get his striking and kicking even faster and stronger than before, Tom is traveling to Thailand to do some specialized training and competing before he heads back to Shanghai. He is committed to bettering his defense of space in the grapple.


He won’t be participating in this year’s PROFC 9, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Tom Ni is a fighter to watch in the Asian circuit and will be back stronger than ever next time he appears in the octagon. Look out for him on the next RUFF show, RUFF 12.

You can watch Ruff live on www.ruffchina.com

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