A Friendly Walk: Live!

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With the arrival of Xiongxiong to Taiwan, Taipei Trends will be covering the bear and his entourage as we make the “Friendly” walk from Taipei 101 to Ximending. Follow us as the lovable and focused polar bear meets new people and makes new friends along the way. There will be lots of activities, fun, and friendly fellow walkers all in on the action. Or better yet, come along with us as we pass some of Taipei’s most famous sites and bring new people together! The event starts at 13:30 today!! (Also, check out the map for updates on location!)

13:00 – Taipei 101

Here at Taipei 101, watching and waiting as the friendly crew shows up! Bit of a windy start but still a great day for a walk!

Xiong Xiong is here and ready to go! Check out his arrival at Taipei’s most famous landmark!

13:45 – Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

XiongXiong just made his way from 101 to Sun Yat Sun…He’s making a lot of friends along the way!

Now we are making our way to Daan Forest park. The weather is looking better and more people are joining. Come meet up with us!

14:30 –  Daan Park

Xiongxiong had a great ride on the MRT and now we’re finishing up in Daan with MTSA! Xiongxiong and crew are headed towards the most anticipated part of the walk…CKS Memorial!

16:00 – Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

Everywhere Xiongxiong goes, he’s making friends all over the place. Finally on the second stretch of the journey and CKS is just as inviting as we expected it to be!

Now on our way to the last two stops and a private party at Yemen Coffee shop!

16:50 – Presidential Office

One quick photo op for Xiongxiong at the Pres’ office and off to Ximending!

17:30 – Movie Park in Ximending

Finally here! It was a long day and navigating through Ximending was a bit rough, but Xiongxiong met some friends and had a good walk. Friendly and Xiongxiong thank everyone for coming out! Hang out at the cafe and have a great weekend!

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I came to Taiwan on a whim for an exchange program in university and I've pretty much been here ever since. I pretty much fell in love with TW at first sight and I take every chance I get to go out and explore. With a knack for creating things, a decent camera and some editing skills, I created TT to share Taiwan with others and connect people looking to do cool things. I'm always down to try something new and exciting, especially if it involves going fast, so send me a shout out and let's explore together.

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