7 Better Date Ideas (Part 2!)

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I’ve been in Taiwan for over 3 years now and I’d like to think that I know my way around the city; places to go, restaurants to dine at, activities to do. But it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that one of my great friends, Roxanne, from Yelp Taipei, approached me about finding fresher ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Little did I know, she had a bit of a challenge up her sleeve! You see, she considers herself an expert on Taipei as well. And as always, I’m up for any kind of competition!

We decided to take couples around during Valentine’s Day and see who the “top dog” really was!

Luckily no one was hurt, however, I was pushed into some hay and Roxanne was yanked out of a car (no worries, it wasn’t moving). It was all fun and games though! We had a lot of fun discovering the unique activities Taipei has to offer.

Here We Go!!

Shu’s Pottery

First we went to the heart of Taiwan’s clay pottery district in Yingge to sculpt some clay at Shu’s Pottery. I was very impressed with this place as the staff was very helpful and there was an ample amount of ready/friendly staff! When working with the clay, you have two options: wheel or no wheel. This is a fantastic/messy way to spend time with your loved one or friends on Valentine’s Day!!
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ART 64


There are a lot of people that buy jewelry for their Valentine, but did you know that you can MAKE jewelry for your Valentine?? While they have a few branches around the island, we stopped by their Yonghe branch to make some silver rings! The shop is a bit small, but it’s a terrific place to let your creative side shine and make your lover smile!!

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Hannover Equestrian Club


Roxanne and I then bumped into a couple at the Hannover Equestrian Club to ride some horses (European style)! I hadn’t ridden a horse for about 4 or 5 years, so this place definitely brought back some great memories! With a well-trained staff and attentive staff, the Equestrian Club is a great place to “spur” up some new memories of your own!

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Escape Artist


After some pony riding, Roxanne brought the couple to the Escape Artist (no it’s not a place to learn magic). EA is a quiet space in the Xinyi District which sells different sized canvases while giving you free paint, use of smocks, brushes and isles. I’m not not much of an artist, but again, it’s a great place to spend time with your Valentine if you’re looking to get out of the “dinner and a movie rut.” Check out what Alex painted at EA!!

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After EA, Roxanne got a call from a friend (Ok, it was just Sylvie) who was looking to make something unique and special for her boyfriend. And unsurprisingly, Roxanne knew of an awesome place where you can make your own shirts! Roxanne definitely nailed it!! What’s interesting about this place is you can plan out your shirt design on a computer and have the staff assist you in your creation. Imagine making something that looks like a designer brand and having someone compliment it!!

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La Salsa Taipei

As Roxanne and I were wrapping up the day, we decided to spice things up a bit by bringing a couple out to dance. I’m not talking about jumping up and down and raving in a pooly-lit club where you can’t see your dance partner, but a place where you can have choreographed moves and enjoy not being bumped into constantly. If you like merengue, bachata and salsa music, then this place is it!

Larry, the owner, said that we wants to create a space for people who want to learn how to dance and want to dance in a comfortable space. “If you come and don’t feel comfortable to dance, that’s fine, you can sit outside and watch those that are dancing.” And who knows, you might muster up the courage and to ask someone to have a quick 3-minute “twist ‘n’ shake”! La Salsa offers classes and social events on Friday and Saturday nights!

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Joy In Kitchen


And FINALLY, the night came to a close and Roxanne and I needed some food in our bellies! Since we finished around 10, I didn’t know of any healthy places to eat late-night. However, Roxanne foresaw this and went out of her way to surprise me! I was brought to JoyInn Kitchen a little bit after their working hours and was pleasantly surprised!

The teaching staff assisted us in whipping up some ravioli garnished with some tomatoes and salad and gee golly, it was the bomb dot com! And best of all, it was very time efficient because the food was all prepared! If you’re looking to cook some food and not have to deal with the dishes and have some fun, JoyInn is your IN!!

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Wrap Up

Roxanne was a tough opponent, I must admit. However I think we shared some really cool places with each other that we can definitely recommend to our friends! I always love seeing new ideas on the table and places to explore! If you need a pick me up in the dating ideas, be sure to check out these places! Roxanne and I had a memorable time, so, will you?

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