2016 International Pillow Fight Day – Taipei

By Lewis Clark | Published 2016/04/04 3.75/5 (4) Posted in TT EVENTS, TT LIFE
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This year we at Taipei Trends have been quite busy! First, we decided to dance around Taiwan to show Taiwan’s beauty to the rest of the world, which we filmed during Chinese New Year. And THEN we said to ourselves, “Why not participate in International Pillow Fight Day?”

And so, we made it happen!! On April 2, 2016, we thought it would be a great opportunity to take International Pillow Fight Day to the next level in Taipei! Because Taipei is also an international city as much as New York, Paris and London!

Taipei Trends & Friends


We teamed up with GQ鳴 (Chicken Cackle) in order to create a fun-filled event that brought everyone in Taipei together! Together, we brought a group of at least 700 together to have some safe, pillow-filled fun!!

Our Fans


If it wasn’t for our fans, none of this would be possible! Seriously, it would just be Chris, Sylvie and me smacking each other with pillows alone. At CKS Memorial Hall. That would get awkward really quick!! But you were there and you were enthusiastic in playing all the silly games we had prepared, following the beats of Taylor Swift, Star Wars and Bruno Mars..!

Your pillows were crazy and your PJs were great! And some of you got lucky and could enjoying hitting Rifat and his bald head!


It really meant a lot to us that you all came to show support and especially to see you all having a great time!

We hope to see you all at our future events soon! If you want to be on the up and up with Taipei Trends, make sure to subscribe to our facebook page and to check out the videos of our events on our YouTube channel!!


Enjoy our video that we dedicate to you!

In the meantime, make it happen!!!

To check out our partner’s event group, check out the official GQ鳴 fan page here!

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