BiTan (Xin Dian)

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If you like the water and you don’t have time to make it to the beach, then we’ve got the next best thing. BiTan in Xin Dian is one of Taipei’s nicest areas to visit. It comes complete with nice scenery, outside dining/drinking, markets, entertainment, and even paddle-boats. Better yet, it’s easily accessible by MRT and bike.

The Environment

BiTan is next to one of the most beautiful and active areas along the river. On one side, there is a mountain running off into the distance, while on the other, there is a row of outdoor restaurants, seating and shrubbery. Also, along the Xin Dian MRT station, there are many vendors, with all kinds of different foods.

During the weekends and other holidays, there are markets held directly on the plaza next to the water. There are also musicians, artists, and other vendors that regularly setup shop along the river. You can even cross the footbridge to the other side of the river, where you will find more vendors, shops, and restaurants waiting for you.

The scenery really is calming to take in, especially at night when all of the lights are on, and the fresh air is a nice change from the city.


If you are looking for something to do other than eat and shop, you can rent yourself a paddle boat and float around in the river for a while. The prices are cheap and it makes for an interesting group activity, or a quiet date.

If you are into bicycling, then the trip to Xin Dian can be half the fun. The Taipei Riverside Parkway runs all the way down to the BiTan plaza. Depending on your speed and point of departure, you can usually get there pretty quickly. When leaving from GuTing, it takes us about 50 minutes to arrive.


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