The Mad Master of Sushi: Toku

By Chris | Published 2014/11/13 5/5 (1) Posted in 吃|喝, 味道
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Toku’s Sushi is one of our favorite places to eat, as you can see here! We go there not just because of the sushi, but because of the man himself: Toku. A character like no other, eating with him around, you’ll soon find yourself stuffed on sushi and drunk as a skunk. That’s why we made a video of the experience. Enjoy~

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Author : Chris


I came to Taiwan on a whim for an exchange program in university and I've pretty much been here ever since. I pretty much fell in love with TW at first sight and I take every chance I get to go out and explore. With a knack for creating things, a decent camera and some editing skills, I created TT to share Taiwan with others and connect people looking to do cool things. I'm always down to try something new and exciting, especially if it involves going fast, so send me a shout out and let's explore together.

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