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#30 XinGuang Road, Section 2
02 2938 2300
Zoo 9:00 - 17:00 | Animal Exhibits 9:00 - 16:30
Adults NT$60 | Students NT$20 | Children NT$5

Do you like hiking, fresh air and nature? Well, next time you need a little outdoor activity you might wanna think about heading to the Taipei Zoo. Though most people might think of the zoo as something for kids or tourists, Taipei Zoo is much more than a travel destination. With a huge mountainside area to walk around in, a large variety of animals, and beautiful scenery all around, the Taipei Zoo is one of the best recreational activities you can do when feeling bored. Also, it’s inexpensive.

The Environment

Easily accessible from the brown MRT line (Taipei Zoo Station), Taipei Zoo has its animals split up into sections such as African animals, desert animals and Taiwanese animals. The animal habitats are built so as to blend into the environment, leaving some sense of a natural world even with the “caged” circumstances. In fact, the entire layout and design of the zoo are very well done. The quiet scenery mixed with all kinds of exotic animals creates a spot that is not only relaxing, but stimulating as well.


The zoo is fairly large and it takes about 20-30 minutes to walk to the far end. For those that want to get straight to the big animals, or are just too lazy to walk, the zoo offers a trolley for $NT20. The trolley drops off just below the penguin exhibit and above the African animals. Furthermore, if you make it to the far corner of the zoo, you can hop on to the MaoKong gondola for a ride up or down the mountain.

If you find yourself starting to get hungry, there are also quite a few restaurants/snack places to stop and take a break from relaxing. There is even a McDonald’s inside the zoo for those feeling a little too far removed from civilization.


The Animals

There’s not much to say about the animals at Taipei Zoo. They just kind of hang out and do animal stuff, although it is thoroughly interesting to watch. The two biggest celebrities at the zoo are the “gift” pandas from China, TuanTuan and YuanYuan. They are a symbol of improving relations between China and Taiwan, and they even have a brand new building all to themselves.


Many of the animals are separated into pretty large enclosures and get to enjoy playgrounds, painted scenery, and kids tapping on protective glass. They don’t seem to mind though, and pretty much just go about their business.

Wrap Up

The zoo isn’t usually first on the list of things to see, but it should be in the top ten. With a low price, huge scenic area, and exotic things to see, it makes for a nice destination any day of the week. It is a great place for people who like the outdoors but don’t have time to leave the city, and it’s even better cyclists that feel like riding up the Taipei Riverside parkway. Furthermore, when you are finished at the zoo, you can take the gondola up to MaoKong for a bit of tea and a view of the whole city.

For more info, check out the Taipei Zoo official website, and flip through the tabs up top for more pics of animals, a map and other info.


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