Secret Base: Zhanlu Cafe (Ruiguang)

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No. 587, Ruiguang Road, Neihu | 內湖區瑞光路587號
02 8751 9566


Living in Taipei, you definitely cannot neglect your cafes. Regardless if it’s a chain or an independent cafe, you will be able to discover a common principle among the cafes here: It doesn’t matter if business is booming, the cafes will never try to push you to leave! This is also one of Taipei’s common traits – friendliness. Even on a weekday, cafes are filled with waves of people, not just those trying a new place for the first time, but also many people working in their second office: writers, designers and people holding meetings, the cafe is their creative retreat.

zhaolucoffeeJeffery Chiang

In the middle of the tech loop in Neihu, 100,000 people flood the area every day to work in the quickly developing business center. It has taken the title of Taipei’s largest business loop, giving way to creative talent, and one secret base for them in which to work: Zhanlu Cafe.

Those from Taipei probably aren’t strangers to this name. Zhanlu Cafe is a famous chain in the city, even attracting visitors all the way from Hong Kong. But the reason the Zhanlu Cafe in Neihu can be called a secret base for those working here is because of the elements it has been equipped with.



  1. Coffee to go is inexpensive and you’ll need a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon
  2. No matter if you take out or dine in, using some credit cards will get you a discount.
  3. They provide wifi and coffee tables. Tell the staff and they will arrange one for you!
  4. There is a lot of available seating, and almost always a free spot.
  5. There is also an outdoor seating section, perfect for grabbing a breath of fresh air.

All of Zhanlu Cafe’s coffee is hand picked and blended to have just the right taste, guaranteed to satisfy a foody’s select tastes. The cafe’s space is also open and roomy, keeping you from bumping into neighboring tables.

If you work in the area and haven’t given this cafe a go, next time you are trying to work on a project, try to doing it here. Order a cup of 5-blend “Classic Blue” and give yourself a taste of great coffee, a wave of calming aroma and a break before you head out. It will definitely not disappoint!

zhaoluwallChien Hun Lin

For more info, check out the Zhanlu Cafe FB fan page here!



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