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#13 Roosevelt Road, Sec. 4, Lane 24, Taipei City
GongGuan 02 2365 7655 | MinQuan 02 2713 5923 | Civic 02 8771 9787
Avg. NT$300

The best burger places in Taipei almost always have something special about them, whether it be unique flavors like Rabbit Rabbit or awesome shakes like Evan’s Burger. However, some places just have really good burgers. Bravo Burger is one of those places. Not only does Bravo have a wide variety of flavors, it also makes some of the biggest, juiciest, and meatiest burgers in Taipei.

The Food

Bravo burger has some of the tastiest and biggest burgers around. All of the standards are there, such as the bacon cheeseburger, the spicy burger, and blue cheese burger, as well as some specialties like the peanut butter burger, or some really good chicken burgers. Bravo also has pretty good homemade fries, although we prefer the fries at En Burger. However, Bravo also lets you choose from some awesome deep fried mushrooms or onion rings.

While the burgers and the sides were super good, we were pretty disappointed with the shakes. They were pretty watery and simply tasted like cheap vanilla ice cream mixed with syrup. Also, as far as we can tell, the oreo shake didn’t even use real oreos…

The Environment

Bravo Burger was done pretty nicely and had lots of “American” style posters and items all around. It looks very much like a typical burger shop.

There are two floors at the GongGuan Bravo. They provide a good amount of seating, but it still gets pretty crowded at meal times so you might have to make a reservation.

In addition to the GongGuan location, there are also:

MinQuan: #2 MinQuan East Road, Sec. 3, Lane 140 (next to SongShan Airport)

Civic Blvd. (ShiMin DaDao): #72 Civic Blvd. Sec. 3

Wrap Up

Bravo Burger not only has three good locations in Taipei, but it also serves up some of the best burgers in the city. Although the shakes and fries could use a tune up, the other side dishes and specialty burgers are consistently good and it is worth taking a trip to try them out.

To learn more about Bravo Burger, check out the facebook page or take a look through the tabs up top.

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