6th Annual Godskitchen Halloween Massive

ADDRESS: TWTC Exhibition Hall 2 (No. 3, Song-Lian Road)
PHONE: 09 5590 4600
TIME: 21:00 - All night baby!
PRICE: Presale NT $1100 | At Door NT $1300
WEB: www.halloween-massive.com/2011

Halloween is here again and that means that the Godskitchen Halloween Massive is back once more to rock your world. It’s the sixth time this massive party is bringing some excitement to Taipei, and it’s looking to be off the hook this year. Starting at 9PM on Saturday the 29th, the party will run all hours of the night an will probably outlast you.

This year they’ve got 5 DJs rolling in to keep the beat flowing while you celebrate Halloween with 1000s of others. Held in the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, there will be plenty of room to get your groove on. If you haven’t already figured out what you are doing for Halloween, you had better get on the ball and get yourself some tickets to the Godskitchen Halloween Massive.

For info on where to get tickets and personals of the DJs, head over to the official website.

And don’t forget to check out the pics from last year’s Massive in the “photo” tab up top.


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