10 Kinds of Annoying “Walkers” You Meet

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Walking is a great way to get around…that is until you are met with people that are determined to make it difficult for you…

Here are the 10 kinds of people that annoy you while walking 😛

(tbh I’m the one that walks and texts… doh! )

#1 The Spacey One – Head in the clouds. While busy spacing out, he’s likely to walk right into you and blame it on you.

#2 The Mirror – Ever have someone you just want to pass, but every time you try, it’s like they are matching your movements? Maybe it’s on purpose!

#3 The Racer – He was fine walking slowly just a second ago, but there’s no way he’s going to let you pass now!

#4 The Stop and Turn – I’m going to change my direction…..NOW! People in back of me beware!

#5 The Wanderer – He might not know where he’s going, but he’s not about to step aside and let you by.

#6 The Not So Smart Phone – Traffic will move for me! I have to finish this snapchat now or I won’t be cool anymore!

#7 The Me First – Of course you can get off the bus, metro, elevator, but you can do it after they get on! Logic be damned!

#8 The Stampede – There you are just walking away when suddenly it seems a herd of slow people decided they just had to cut in front of you. Yay…

#9 The Wall – We have to walk all on the same line or we’ll feel left out. You can just go around us.

#10 The Senior – I’m slow, I’m old, and I’m grumpy, but damned if I’m going to let you young’un go in front of me.

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I came to Taiwan on a whim for an exchange program in university and I've pretty much been here ever since. I pretty much fell in love with TW at first sight and I take every chance I get to go out and explore. With a knack for creating things, a decent camera and some editing skills, I created TT to share Taiwan with others and connect people looking to do cool things. I'm always down to try something new and exciting, especially if it involves going fast, so send me a shout out and let's explore together.

  • Mark

    I swear, some people in Taipei should need a licence to walk on the sidewalk. I see people bumping into things, other people, and generally unaware of their surroundings all the time. When did looking up become so difficult? It’s like everyone forgets that they live in a city, and are surprised whenever someone is trying to pass. Hahaha… I trust them more behind a wheel, and that’s saying a lot. Haha… c’mon, jokes over here.

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